Answers to a few questions

Our designs are what are called responsive. They respond to all screen sizes and automatically adjust to fit without any loss of quality.

We can supply images for you however there is a fee per image due to copyrights.

All of our plans except the custom design have an option of one redesign. A custom service allows for as many as you require in the costings.

We can take info from other sites purely to fill in sections for you to understand what we are doing when you look at the design. Due to copyright all info must be changed before site goes live.

You can select an ecommerce website package. We will design and enter 10 products per page to the amount of pages the package you have purchased allows.

Our standard websites do not allow for you to do so, they are well crafted and designed for the best reaction by search engines and we do not want you to ruin all of the work. Our CMS websites allow for you to change information on your website in selcted pages and areas.

We can setup any social media you wish however we specilaise in Facebook Business Pages, Twitter Business and Google+ Accounts.

We require all info to be supplied within a set timeframe pending the website package you are purchasing. The standard time frame is 30 days to supply all pictures and information.

We accept visa/mastercard and bank transfers. All services involving marketing and optimisation are required to be paid upfront. Our websites services require 50% upfront and than percentage payments as we progress.

No we can do all editing required however we only allow a certain amount of image editing as part of any package and than you are required to pay extra.

We have designed and published over 45 websites in the last 8 years.